Don't waste time with a PO Box that can only receive US mail. Rent a private mailbox and receive packages from any carrier and be notified by email for each package. Renting a private mailbox is the most efficient way to receive your mail and packages. Small office and home office business operators have used private mailboxes for decades to help manage their business. Private citizens use them for safety, security, and convenience.

Why Rent a Personal Mailbox?

  • Free Package Receiving - Receive packages from any carrier and be notified via email or text.

  • Street Address - use a physical street address instead of a PO Box. It's more professional looking for businesses and better for personal mail and packages.

  • 24 Hour Access - check your mail anytime, regardless of hour business hours.

  • Free Mail Check - Call to see if you have mail before you come in.

  • Mail forwarding - Travel a lot? We can forward your mail anywhere in the world with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS.

  • Permanent Address - Move often? Tired of notifying everyone of a new address. We can fix that.